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Black Tea Processing Fixation Drum Machine
Itis an automatic temperature-controlled fixing machine developed under principleof tea fixing process and in combination with advanced fixing technologies ofboth home and abroad. It is advanced in structure, novel in molding, andsuitable for fixing of va
Fresh Tea Leaves withering Machine
The tea withering machine consists of the frame, heat supply system and fans set and it is characterized that in the heat supply system a hot air duct is axially set in the cavity of the drum, the wall of the hot air duct is provided with air outlet holes
Tea Fixing Machine Continuous Hot
This machine unit with our several independent-invented keypatented technologies integrates the high-temperature hot blast stove, greenleaves charger, hot fixing machine, and mesh belt cooler, and continuously andeffectively realizes fixing and cooling of
Green Tea withering Machine
The machine is a high-grade black teaprocessing machinery. When the machine is working , the tea leaves on thestainless steel belt of the machine would be evenly spread cool. It makes mostof the low-temperature hot air to make the fresh tea leaves loose t
Black Tea Processing Fixing Machine
Thismachine unit adopts a number of core patented technology owned by the company, integratingsteam heating stove, high- temperature steam fixation machine, high-temperaturehot air dehydrator into one unit. Heat steam generator can produce steam at120-180
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